Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association 

27000 Hazy Hollow, San Antonio, Texas, 78255


Scenic Oaks rules on burning.

Burning of any material at any time must be conducted in accordance with county regulations, which may include oral directives of the Fire Marshall.  See County rules on this page.

The burning of garbage (food residue) is prohibited. 

The small scale burning of paper and cardboard trash is permitted if covered by a grate to avoid flying residue.

The large scale burning of brush, logs, and stumps must have the prior approval of the County Fire Marshall at 210-335-0300 even when the burn ban has been lifted.  This number is answered 24/7.  However, after hours and on weekends, you must select option #3 so your call can be forwarded to the agent on duty.  

Cooking and campfires not in excess of five feet (5’) in diameter at the base are permitted provided there are no unusual or unreasonable smells, smoke, ash, wind, or dry conditions. 

All burning must be conducted with a water source available that is suitable for dousing the fire.

Ref:  Deed Restrictions, Page 12, Section 17


Explosive fireworks are never permitted in Scenic Oaks regardless of the status of the County Burn Ban. 

Violators can be assessed a monetary penalty for this violation.

Ref:  Deed Restrictions, Page 12, Section 17

County rules on burning:

Whether or not we are under a burn ban is determined as much by wind conditions as it is by rain or drougth condidtions. 

If it is very dry, a ban is obvious.  If we have very wet and green conditions but it is windy, there is still a burn ban. 

It is recommended that you always call the County Fire Marshalls office before burning. 

Their number is 335-0300.  The number is answered 7 days a week.  On weekends, the call is transferred to an agent on duty and you may need to allow extra time for the call to be answered.