Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association

27000 Hazy Hollow

San Antonio, Texas, 78255



Christmas Event, coming December 16, 2018.  Mingle & Jingle for the adults.

Santa Claus is coming to the Clubhouse, December 20, 2018.


The Little Free Library is OPEN!  Take a book, leave a book!  The Scenic Oaks Bunco Gals have donated the library to the neighborhood and held a Grand Opening on Sunday, March 18th  Please enjoy this gift, as it is open to all.  Do not think the library only contains kids books.  There are also books for the grownups as well.  The library is small, but if there is enough interest/usage it could be expanded in the future.  Please come by the Community Center and take a look.



The SOPOA Board authorized the establishment of the Community Events Committee during its January 2018 meeting.  The goals of the Committee are to help foster a sense of community, and to bring neighbors together through community sponsored events.  The Committee was proposed by some of the Scenic Oaks Bunco Gals following their successful Halloween and Christmas cookie events.  Co-Chairs of the Committee are Amber Gass and Staci Snell.  Other Committee members are Lisa Gillaspia, Bonnie Tijerina, Lauren Stackhouse, Lori Wittmeyer, and Natalie Sirjuesingh.  The Committee plans to hold at least one community-wide event per quarter, and they have already kicked off the year with the presentation of the Little Free Library. 

More details on planned events will be posted on the SOPOA Facebook page, the SOPOA website, and in the Newsletter.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the ladies that have joined together to help bring our neighbors closer together.  Please support the Community Events Committee through your participation in the these activities.  Comments, suggestions, offers to help can be submitted to the Committee via their email address: