Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association 

27000 Hazy Hollow, San Antonio, Texas, 78255


Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association

Agenda for Monthly Meeting, Monday, July 13 2020

A.  Call to order
B.  COVID19 Information Brief by Dr. Clifford Alprin
C.  Review and approval of Board minutes for June 8, 2020.

D.  Reports of Officers, Counsel and Standing Committees.

     a.  President’s Report

b. Treasurer’s Report

     c.  Board Counsel

     d.  Restrictions Committee

     e.  Architectural Review

     f.  Oak Wilt Committee

     g.  Community Events Committee

E.  Reports of Special Committees

     a.  Roads & Bar Ditches

Pothole repair and crack sealing

     b.  Gate Maintenance

     c.  General Maintenance

Repair of sewer line
Rewiring electricity to entry sign

d.  Web Site

     f.  Entry Management

     g.  Newsletter

     h.  Entrance & Subdivision Beautification

     j.  Miscellaneous

F.  Unfinished Business

Revision of restrictions

G.  New Business

H.  Adjournment