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Current Oak Wilt Map

Here is the May 2020 mapping of Oak wilt in Scenic Oaks done by our Texas state forester Erin Davis in May. She made the following recommendations and we will schedule a seminar for our residents when we are allowed to gather.

The blue injection line is 75 ft from infection (highly recommended to inject this year). The green line is 150 ft from infection (not as necessary to inject this far way this soon, but some people want to jump on it especially if they are close to an area where it has really jumped since April 2019).

Tree Trimming Permit Process

tree trimming permit process

Oak Tree Trimming Dates

Scenic Oaks follows the Texas Forest Service recommendations for oak wilt management.

  1. There should be no trimming of oak trees from February 1st to June 15th each year.
  2. All oak wounds (intentional or accidental) must be painted immediately.


If you need more information or have questions, please contact David Wells or David Schafer via email

Phone numbers are available in the newsletter


Permits are required for all oak tree trimming in Scenic Oaks. 

More Information

Here is a very helpful and informative article by Mark Duff, of the Texas Forestry Service, regarding the pruning of Oak Trees. 

Texas Oak Wilt Organization