Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association 

27000 Hazy Hollow, San Antonio, Texas, 78255

Road Plan

In 2019, the proposed road plan described here was not approved by a vote of the Scenic Oaks Property Association membership. 

The Scenic Oaks annual and quarterly assessments may seem high by some, but they are much lower than comparable neighborhoods. Our lower assessements are also sufficient to meet most of the neighborhood’s routine expenses including 24/7 guards at our entry gates. Our assessments have been kept as low as possible thanks to a small cadre of residents willing to perform the functions provided to most HOAs by expensive management companies. The self-governing SOPOA has benefitted from a history of covering expenses with revenue which has allowed the SOPOA Board to plan periodic major improvements. This effective management funded the Community Center, and also has historically funded major road maintenance projects about every four years. 

In 2019, the SOPOA Board contracted with Civil Engineering Consultants (CEC) to obtain a professional survey of the conditions of our roads, many of them 40 years old and deteriorating at an increasing rate.  At the Board’s request, CEC provided recommendations to help extend the life of our aging roads. SOPOA did not have the funds to implement the best solution for most of our roads, which was to resurface. The recommended actions to extend the life of the road surface were not without significant recurring expense. After several Board meeting discussions, the Board decided to propose to the members a longer-term solution to the aging and deteriorating roads. The long term plan is to resurface the roads rather than continue to patch, crack seal and apply seal coat. When complete, this two year plan will provide SOPOA the future ability provide periodic road maintenance from current operating funds.

No one likes to pay higher assessments; however, the Board believes asking for an assessment specifically for the improvement of our roads is necessary. Our current aging road surfaces will begin to fail before enough funds can be saved to resurface them.  If your road has already been paved, please do not think this assessment would be just paying for someone else’s road. While it is true your contribution to the assessment would be paving roads in another part of the neighborhood, please understand other residents’ contributions to past Annual and Quarterly assessments helped pay for the improved road in front of your house. This is a neighborhood effort to improve all our roads.

Please review the information provided, and do not hesitate to contact a Board member directly or email with your questions or concerns.

View a video of the road plan proposal. 

FYI - The video is about 3 minutes long and there is no sound.