Monthly Meeting – April 2023

SOPOA 2023 Planning Dates

President Dave Schafer provided a planning timeline for prospective SOPOA activities. 

Street Sign Replacement

The deer crossing / speed limit sign near the entrance gate was knocked over and will be replaced and repositioned to align with plotted lot lines. 

Road Resurfacing Schedule 

The Road and Bar Ditch Committee provided a schedule of target dates for our ongoing road maintenance project. Resurfacing and crack sealing are ongoing long term road maintenance requirements.

2023: Cedar Breaks, Barn Owl, Mesquite Hollow , Nighthawk Lane (2 low sections)

2024: Barn Swallow, Deerview , Oak Nest, Fossil Oak, Nighthawk Lane (upper section)

2025: Limestone Ridge, Bear Tree Circle, Cactus Wren 

*Project completion is subject to available budget and vendor bid cycle.

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