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Architectural Review Committee

The Scenic Oaks Architectural Review Committee is here to help residents through the process of executing property renovations in compliance with SOPOA guidelines. Details of the “do’s and dont’s” of property renovations, and the appropriate form are available on the Permits and Forms page.

Print and complete the form, then submit it along with a diagram of your project and a refundable builder’s bond with the amount dependent on the size of your project.

Enclose the form, diagram, and refundable bond in an envelope addressed to “SOPOA ARC”, and leave it at the Entry Station.

An member of the Committee will arrange to meet you at your property and quickly get you started with your renovation.

After the renovation is complete, remember to contact the Committee to close the project and return your bond deposit.

If you have questions, please contact the Committee at sopoa.arc@scenicoaks.org

Tiger Sanitation Changes

Effective September 30, 2023 the preferred service contract between Tiger Sanitation and SOPOA will expire. Tiger has discontinued their preferred customer designation. 

Due to restrictions in the Governing Documents, we are unable to renew. Our existing service will not be disrupted and no action is required.

The changes include:

  1. We will no longer receive free bulk pick-ups. You may call Tiger Sanitation directly (210) 333-4287 to schedule bulk pick up at any time. Fees apply.
  2. We will begin to see a fuel surcharge on our quarterly invoice. This is waived for contracted areas. 
  3. Scenic Oaks residents will be converted from a “contracted area” to the “zip code area”, and will be subject to rate adjustment in the future.

June Meeting Notes

Thank You

Thank you to the Restrictions Committee volunteers’ ongoing efforts to maintain the neighborhood. The committee currently has openings for two additional volunteers. 

Thank you to Virginia Flores for her continued service as the treasurer. Her diligence over the past several years and recent months has helped multiple residents successfully resolve accounting issues.


Neighborhood Soliciting – It is an unwelcome intrusion to find unsolicited advertisements in private mailboxes. Offenders will be reported to the USPS and county sheriff. 

Upcoming Projects

Roads – Crack Sealing

The board solicited bids and the lower bid to stay within our annual budget. Please be aware and drive courteously as the crack sealing project progresses through the summer.

Entry Sign Revitalization 

The neighborhood sign at the entry no longer works and requires an overhaul. The Board is soliciting bids to replace sign faces and electrical hardware. The Board will evaluate bids to fit within the budget.

Office Upgrades

After close to 20 years of service, it is time to upgrade office printing capabilities. The board approved the purchase of a new printer and a new multipurpose office scanner. These hardware upgrades will dramatically reduce ongoing printing expenses.

Volunteer Squad

Volunteers are appreciated for neighborhood maintenance projects including;

  1. trimming tree limbs over the bar ditches at overgrown corners,
  2. preparations for entry sign revitalization

Please contact a Board member if you would like to volunteer. 

Fourth of July Parade 2023

This year our 2023 Scenic Oaks Patriotic Parade Grand Marshal is JoAnn Schenker, JoAnn and her husband Steve have been longtime residents of Scenic Oaks for many years.
JoAnn joined the SOPOA board in 2001 and served as President from 2002-2018. During her volunteer term as President, JoAnn was instrumental in many subdivision developments which “paved” the way for many of our present improvements!
Please join us in honoring JoAnn as this year’s Grand Marshal.

Oak Wilt 2023

Oak Wilt is a fungal disease which can quickly kill a healthy tree. The fungus is spread through open wounds to the tree, and through the root system. SOPOA has fungicide injection equipment available for residents to treat their trees. 

The updated Oak Wilt Map shows the current status of Oak Wilt migration in Scenic Oaks. More information is available on the Tree Trimming page.

Role of SOPOA

The Scenic Oaks Property Owner’s Association (SOPOA) is managed entirely by resident volunteers. The Board strives to monitor and maintain the Bylaws and Restrictions referenced in the legal documents property owners sign when purchasing property in the neighborhood. Residents of our neighborhood have all legally agreed to these defined standards, as well as the process by which disputes can be remedied.
The SOPOA is not however an arm of law enforcement. SOPOA members rely on a shared respect for personal integrity and individual responsibility to adhere to the Bylaws and Restrictions.
The Restrictions Committee follows a legally mandated process to notify offenders and allow time to voluntarily resolve the issue. If the violation is disputed, the resident can appeal to the Board to define an acceptable resolution.
Every property owner has made a considerable investment to be a part of this neighborhood, and in doing so has agreed to the Restrictions and Bylaws which define this neighborhood.
Is it too much to ask to simply be a good neighbor?

Restriction Violation Concerns

Restrictions Committee Update:

In response to numerous messages received from concerned residents about restrictions violations in the neighborhood, please note that the committee is currently managing a deluge of restrictions violations.

There is a process to address violations provided in the SOPOA bylaws which must be followed. Issues arise when, 1) Restrictions are violated, 2) Residents refuse to comply when a first notice is issued. This draws out the process to 30 days and beyond, and 3) Residents respond to notices of violations asking why someone else is “getting away with” violations. This is not helpful. If a resident draws out the process by refusing to comply, then it may appear they are “getting way with” something. Rest assured; all violations are being addressed.

Every Scenic Oaks homeowner joins the property owner association and agrees to the restrictions and bylaws when they sign their mortgage contract. Resolution of violations requires voluntary adherence to agreed upon standards.

You as a resident can help. Kindly mow your lawns, don’t park off pavement, don’t create unpaved driveways by driving on grass repeatedly, and be considerate of your neighbors. This is a short list that will ensure that Scenic Oaks remains a prestigious residential subdivision.

Kind regards,

SOPOA Restrictions Committee 

SOPOA 2023 Planning Dates

President Dave Schafer provided a planning timeline for prospective SOPOA activities at the 2023 April Meeting.


Annual Oak Wilt Survey, Monthly Board Meeting, Road Work Bids, Tiger Bulk Trash Pickup


Monthly meeting


4th of July Parade, Monthly Meeting, Quarterly Statement and Newsletter Mailing 


Monthly Meeting 


Monthly Meeting


Monthly Meeting, Quarterly Statement and Newsletter Mailing


Monthly Meeting, Annual Meeting Notice 


Monthly Meeting, Christmas Party, Proposed Budget 

Monthly Meeting – April 2023

SOPOA 2023 Planning Dates

President Dave Schafer provided a planning timeline for prospective SOPOA activities. 

Street Sign Replacement

The deer crossing / speed limit sign near the entrance gate was knocked over and will be replaced and repositioned to align with plotted lot lines. 

Road Resurfacing Schedule 

The Road and Bar Ditch Committee provided a schedule of target dates for our ongoing road maintenance project. Resurfacing and crack sealing are ongoing long term road maintenance requirements.

2023: Cedar Breaks, Barn Owl, Mesquite Hollow , Nighthawk Lane (2 low sections)

2024: Barn Swallow, Deerview , Oak Nest, Fossil Oak, Nighthawk Lane (upper section)

2025: Limestone Ridge, Bear Tree Circle, Cactus Wren 

*Project completion is subject to available budget and vendor bid cycle.

Tiger Sanitation Bulk Pickup Program

Tiger Sanitation Logo

—  Tiger bulk pickup scheduled for SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023.

Bulk Pick Up Guidelines

Acceptable Items * Any Bulky Piles More Than Limit Will Be Left*

Acceptable bulky items include standard residential sized stoves, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances (with all CFCs removed and tagged by a certified technician), furniture, and other similar household items. In addition, tree, brush or shrubbery waste that is cut and tied in bundles of not more than four feet in length and 35 pounds in weight.

When preparing yard debris for bulk collection, remember the three B’s:

Bagged, Bundled or Boxed

  • Grass, leaves and other small items should be bagged and ARE NOT to exceed 35 pounds per bag.
  • Tree limbs and cuttings must be 12 inches in diameter or less and cannot be longer than four feet and must be bundled and tied with twine, string, duct tape or similar cord.
  • Century plants, all cacti and similar plants that are hazardous to our collection employees should not be boxed to avoid injury. 

Acceptable bulky item collection is limited to two (2) cubic yards of all items in total volume per customer per collection event. Acceptable bulky items do not include construction or demolition debris.


  • No fencing
  • No large brush piles
  • No construction debris
  • No computers, monitors, batteries, or hazardous materials 

Other unacceptable items include but are not limited to; any radioactive, volatile, corrosive, flammable, explosive, bio-medical, infectious, bio-hazardous, regulated waste, toxic substance or material, as defined by characterized or listed under applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations, or special waste as defined by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, (collectively, “Excluded Materials”). Special waste includes but is not limited to liquids & tires, batteries, and appliances containing CFC’s.


  • 2 cubic yards approximately equals 36″ wide x 72″ long x 36″ high.
  • 2 cubic yards equals fifteen 30-gallon trash bags or four 95-gallon trash carts.

*You must be a Tiger customer to be eligible for the bulk pickup, Please have your items out before date of pickup.