Tree Trimming and Oak Wilt

Pruning Trees and Oak Wilt


Permits are required for all oak tree trimming in Scenic Oaks. Please complete the permit form available below. 

Oak Tree Trimming Dates

Scenic Oaks follows the Texas Forest Service recommendations for oak wilt management. There should be no trimming of oak trees from February 1st to June 15th each year. All oak wounds (intentional or accidental) must be painted immediately.

Injection Equipment

SOPOA has injection equipment available for our residents who want to treat their trees with a fungicide to prevent oak wilt. The Texas Oak Wilt Organization provides expert information and a how to use tree injection equipment video.


If you need more information or have questions, please contact David Wells or David Schafer via email Phone numbers are available in the newsletter.

More Information

Here is a very helpful and informative article by Mark Duff, of the Texas Forestry Service, regarding the pruning of Oak Trees. Texas Oak Wilt Organization provides more education resources.

Current Oak Wilt Map

As of May 2023, here is the updated Oak Wilt Map.

The red area is the area that is already diseased. The area between the red and green line is the “Immediate Injection Zone”. Any healthy oak tree (typically only live oaks, but possibly red oaks too) in this 75-ft range is an ideal tree to treat this year to try to prevent oak wilt in that tree. It is best to get this fungicide treatment into the tree before the fungus gets there. It acts like a defense system for the tree before a tree is symptomatic or infected. The area between the green and blue line is the next injection zone 150 feet from active Oak Wilt. These homeowners should prepare to treat any oak trees in this area preventatively in about a year.


With this application, please submit a $500.00 bond payment in the form of a check payable to Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association (SOPOA). The bond will be returned after final inspection of the work provided no fines assessed secondary to lack of painting the oak wounds immediately after they are cut or any damage done to Scenic Oaks property, gate or headwalls.


Tree trimming performed by an outside vendor in which live oak or Spanish oak trees are trimmed. According to the current restrictions, the wounds for each cut must be painted immediately (within 15 minutes each). It is recommended that the wound be painted immediately after the cut is made so as not to miss any cuts, which is highly likely when more than 3 cuts are made before painting is done. The oak wilt committee will assess the job during and upon completion, and any cuts that are missed will be subject to a fine that will be deducted from the bond. The oak wilt committee will also consider feedback from neighbors and other SOPOA members pertaining to violations if they are not able to monitor the job during its progress. The homeowner who has hired the trimming contractor is responsible to inform the company of the requirements and should monitor the job in progress to ensure the painting is done completely and in the time required as this is not the responsibility of the Oak Wilt Committee.


All tree trimming activity shall comply with the PROTECTIVE COVENANTS of the Scenic Oaks subdivision (delivered by Title Co. at time of purchase of property) and with the newsletter that is included with the bond form.
BOND: Full payment shall be made along with permit submittal. Note: No request will be considered if the property owner is delinquent on association dues or assessments.


A member of the Oak Wilt Committee (see list below) will be assigned to discuss questions you may have about your plans and their compliance with referenced requirements; also call them to request timely inspections for consideration of the bond being refunded. The SOPOA Treasurer will refund part or all of the bond when the job has been inspected by the oak wilt committee and the bond form is returned to the treasurer.


By my signature (both must sign), I affirm that I have read the SOPOA restrictions and agree to abide by them. If questions arise, I will promptly contact my oak wilt committee representative for resolution.

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