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Role of SOPOA

The Scenic Oaks Property Owner’s Association (SOPOA) is managed entirely by resident volunteers. The Board strives to monitor and maintain the Bylaws and Restrictions referenced in the legal documents property owners sign when purchasing property in the neighborhood. Residents of our neighborhood have all legally agreed to these defined standards, as well as the process by which disputes can be remedied.
The SOPOA is not however an arm of law enforcement. SOPOA members rely on a shared respect for personal integrity and individual responsibility to adhere to the Bylaws and Restrictions.
The Restrictions Committee follows a legally mandated process to notify offenders and allow time to voluntarily resolve the issue. If the violation is disputed, the resident can appeal to the Board to define an acceptable resolution.
Every property owner has made a considerable investment to be a part of this neighborhood, and in doing so has agreed to the Restrictions and Bylaws which define this neighborhood.
Is it too much to ask to simply be a good neighbor?

Restriction Violation Concerns

Restrictions Committee Update:

In response to numerous messages received from concerned residents about restrictions violations in the neighborhood, please note that the committee is currently managing a deluge of restrictions violations.

There is a process to address violations provided in the SOPOA bylaws which must be followed. Issues arise when, 1) Restrictions are violated, 2) Residents refuse to comply when a first notice is issued. This draws out the process to 30 days and beyond, and 3) Residents respond to notices of violations asking why someone else is “getting away with” violations. This is not helpful. If a resident draws out the process by refusing to comply, then it may appear they are “getting way with” something. Rest assured; all violations are being addressed.

Every Scenic Oaks homeowner joins the property owner association and agrees to the restrictions and bylaws when they sign their mortgage contract. Resolution of violations requires voluntary adherence to agreed upon standards.

You as a resident can help. Kindly mow your lawns, don’t park off pavement, don’t create unpaved driveways by driving on grass repeatedly, and be considerate of your neighbors. This is a short list that will ensure that Scenic Oaks remains a prestigious residential subdivision.

Kind regards,

SOPOA Restrictions Committee 

Committees & Volunteers

Restrictions Committee

Steve Richards
Jose Arizpe
Ted Basile

Architectural Review

David Deas
Kenneth Riedel
David Lasho

Oak Wilt

David Wells
David Schafer

Entry Management

Don Powers

Roads & Bar Ditches

Jim Butler
Curtis Havel
John Meade

Gate Maintenance

Jack Gibbons

Community Events

Community Events Page


Noel Schafer

Exit Marque

Eddie Upham

We Care

Manny De Los Santos
Pat Stowell


Noel Schafer

Web Site Administrator

Robb Meyer

Hearing Procedure

The hearing will be informal, without formal rules of evidence, but will be similar to trial
procedure in sequence.

SOPOA shall have the burden of proof, by a preponderance of the evidence, but shall endeavor to present all relevant facts, whether favorable to its position or not. The “jury” shall be the SOPOA Board of Directors. The “judge” shall be the SOPOA President, who may seek input from all persons present on questions of procedure. A decision requires that at least 5 Directors vote for the decision.

Hearing sequence:
Opening statements: All witnesses will swear or affirm to tell the full truth.

SOPOA – Presentation of SOPOA’s position by witnesses, documentation, or otherwise; other Party(ies) shall be able to cross examine witnesses and to see and ask questions about documents and other evidence.
Witnesses can be re-called.
SOPOA rests
Other Party(ies) – Presentation of other Party(ies) position by witnesses, documentation, or otherwise; SOPOA shall be able to cross examine witnesses and to see and ask questions about documents and other evidence.
Witnesses can be re-called.
Other Party(ies) rests

Closing statements-SOPOA, Other Party(ies)

SOPOA Board Decision, which may not be immediate