Entry Rules and Passes

The entry control sought by these rules is intended to promote safety and security within Scenic Oaks subdivision, but cannot guarantee either safety or security. The Scenic Oaks Property Owner’s Association assumes no responsibility or liability for the safety or security of persons or property.

Entry Rules

  • All vehicles must stop at the Entry Station. Proceed only when instructed to do so. 
  • All vehicles MUST STOP before entering or exiting, to allow the gates to open. 
  • Vehicles MUST enter one at a time. 
  • DO NOT enter through the exit gate and DO NOT exit through the entrance gate. Children must not play by the gate. 
  • The 24-hour Entry Officer will hold all vehicles not displaying a current Scenic Oaks decal until permission to enter is granted by a resident. 

Report entry problems, discourtesy or inattention by entry station staff to a member of the SOPOA Board of Directors. 

Call the entry station at 210-698-3588 to provide the name of the guest(s) or name of vendor’s company and your name and address. 
* Please provide a guest list arranged in alphabetical order by last name when expecting several vehicles or party guests to help the entry station navigate the list quickly. 

Failure to provide the entry station prior notice of guest/vendor arrival requires the entry station to call the resident when the guest or vendor arrives. If no one answers or if the telephone number is unlisted, admittance will be denied.
Upon arriving at the Entry Station, guests will be asked their name and the resident name and address they seek. The entry station will log the time the guest enters and the vehicle license number.

The entry station has access to a searchable SOPOA resident directory. Adding authorized visitors and scheduled service providers to your contact information will allow the entry station staff to admit them without a phone call.

Please use the Contact Update Form to update your contact information.

Licensed real estate agents who present a current “Real Estate Salesman Identification Card” and a driver’s license will be admitted during daylight hours. Persons “shopping” for a lot or home will be admitted during daylight hours ONLY if accompanied by a Realtor with the above credentials, or if authorized in accordance with these rules by a property owner.
Representatives of mortgagees on an inspection visit will be given daylight only access if (1) they have credentials showing that they represent the mortgagee, and (2) they present a copy of the applicable Deed of Trust with an inspection right in it.

Homeowners with a security monitoring system should provide the Security Company the Entry Station telephone number (210) 698-3588, and in the event of an alarm suggest they call the officer after the Sheriff has been called.

Soliciting is prohibited by our restrictions. Residents are not allowed to permit friends or vendors into the neighborhood for the purpose of soliciting. This does not apply to residents who sell Girl Scout cookies and other similar fundraisers.

The Entry Officer will stop all entering pedestrians and cyclists. Arrange to carry a hang tag or driver’s license (with Scenic Oaks address) with you.

Service businesses making regular unscheduled service calls and/or using different drivers for service calls, will be admitted as directed in writing by an owner. Please add regular service providers using the Contact Update Form to help the entry station staff.

On-duty law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS ambulances, U.S. Mail, UPS, newspaper deliverers, school buses and Garbage Collection, will be admitted upon request.
Entry Officers shall allow entry, with notice to a resident, to civil process servers who (1) present a current state issued ID card, and (2) represent that they are on duty and have legal papers to serve. The officer will take the name of the process server, the ID card number, and the expiration date, from the process server’s ID card, for the log.
No owner shall authorize the entry into Scenic Oaks of a non-owner for any purpose other than to visit the authorizing owner’s property, except during approved open houses and scheduled annual garage sale. Violating owners and visitors may be charged with trespassing.