The Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association is managed entirely by resident volunteers. We do not maintain a walk-in office or staff. The Entry Station staff has access to a SOPOA resident directory.

All vehicles which do not have an entry decal are stopped at the Entry Station. Scenic Oaks entry is under video surveillance. Deed restrictions are firmly enforced.

No phone numbers are listed on this site. Contact phone numbers can be found on the last page of the Scenic Oaks quarterly Newsletter. Or, you may Contact Us via e-mail

Need buying or selling documents?

Please email sopoa.treasurer@scenicoaks.org

For immediate assistance, please use contact information provided in the most recent newsletter. 

The neighborhood facebook group is another helpful resource although it is not an official source of SOPOA information.

*If you have questions or need assistance, please email postmaster@scenicoaks.org.