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Architectural Review Committee

The Scenic Oaks Architectural Review Committee is here to help residents through the process of executing property renovations in compliance with SOPOA guidelines. Details of the “do’s and dont’s” of property renovations, and the appropriate form are available on the Permits and Forms page.

Print and complete the form, then submit it along with a diagram of your project and a refundable builder’s bond with the amount dependent on the size of your project.

Enclose the form, diagram, and refundable bond in an envelope addressed to “SOPOA ARC”, and leave it at the Entry Station.

An member of the Committee will arrange to meet you at your property and quickly get you started with your renovation.

After the renovation is complete, remember to contact the Committee to close the project and return your bond deposit.

If you have questions, please contact the Committee at sopoa.arc@scenicoaks.org