Monthly Meeting – February 2023

Monday, February 27, 7:30pm the Board held the monthly SOPOA meeting. 

The annual budget was approved, including insurance renewal and annual required audit expenses. The largest expenses for the neighborhood are entry station staffing and road maintenance. Road maintenance projects include crack sealing in the spring and repaving sections of Cedar Breaks, Barn Owl Ln., Mesquite Hollow, and Nighthawk Ln. in the fall. The large entry sign needs repair or replacement. The Board is currently researching options for further discussion, and will solicit bids as the best solution presents itself.

Oak Wilt Committee: At this point all regular oak tree trimming should be stopped. The blackout period recommended by the state is February 1 through June 15.  The requirements to clean tools and paint cuts on oaks remain. The process will return to normal in June.

Clubhouse Committee: In December, the Clubhouse was rented 8 times and all guests
received their security deposits returned.  
In January, The Clubhouse was rented 6 times and all guests received their security deposits returned.  There were no issues at any



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