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Monthly Meeting Agenda

Standard Monthly Meeting Agenda

The board meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:30pm at the SOPOA Clubhouse building at the entrance to the subdivision.

Standard Agenda for Monthly Meetings
A. Call to order
B. Special Interest
C. Review and approval of minutes.
D. Reports of Officers and Standing Committees.
E. Reports of Special Committees
F. Unfinished Business
G. New Business
H. Adjournment

Board of Directors

President – Dave Schafer (2024) 
Vice President – Robb Meyer (2024)
Secretary – David Wells (2025)
Treasurer – Virginia Flores (2024)

Board Member – Don Powers (2025)
Board Member – Eddie Upham (2025)
Board Member – Kennedy Wilson (2026) 
Board Member – Curtis Marsh (2026) 
Board Member – Arthur Jennings (2026)